Friday, December 11, 2009

Injury (Slight)

So....I have a slight tear in my left hip labral. It's been bothering me awhile now and I finally got it checked out. Until Spring, I cannot run or participate in high impact activities. :-/ This is not going to be fun. And I also have to start physical therapy (for 2 months) and anti-inflammatory medicine (for 1-2 months). After that I'll get checked out again and hopefully will not have to go through surgery.

I had hoped that I would be able to have done at least 2-3 races by Spring. So frustrating, but will have to regroup and make new goals for the year. After speaking with the doctor, I made sure to know what I could actually do. Ugh--to not move for months is my nightmare. To keep my fitness level, I've been working on the elliptical, bike and will try to get in some pool time as well.

It also looks like I'll be needing to make a new mix. The music on my shuffle is geared towards running and my body is used to moving in a certain way when I hear those songs. While at the gym the other day, it was incredibly difficult (and sad) not to get on a treadmill!! I can't wait to get clearance to run again!

Friday, November 20, 2009

The bad and the good

My left hip has been hurting--a lot. A dull ache that doesn't seem to be going away. And I've been reluctant in getting it checked out, but then it started hurting when I would sleep on it. Grr. I've eased back the running and have been concentrating on strength, especially my hip flexors. It's getting much stronger, but I did suck it up to make a doctor's appointment. I just want to make sure that it's nothing serious. *Fingers crossed*

The Running Company group run meet up. Time Warner Center

I started running with a running group and even though it's disbanded for the rest of the year, I'm looking forward to it starting back up in the new year. On Thursdays and Sundays, it's a women only group. Even though there are co-ed groups, and I would love to join them, right now, those are the only days that I can make. The women are awesome. So welcoming and encouraging. It was a wet, cool run in Central Park. We ran up E. 59th, did the top portion of the Resevoir and back down to W. 59th. All in all about 4.5 miles. Part of it and especially near the end, I could definitely feel my hips and low back, but it wasn't too terrible. I just need to relax more and not tense up my shoulders and arms. As long as I continue to do more strength training and watch my form, I think that next year, I'll be able to run more quality races.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Start over

So yesterday, I started actually running again. I took a strength class in the morning and ran after work along new paths. It was awesome to run along the Hudson River all the way from Harlem to the Upper West Side. I've been waiting and waiting for construction to be done and it was well worth it. The feeling of running along the water is incredible and so peaceful.

I do need to get some form of reflective gear now that it's getting darker much earlier. Coming back, I made sure that my iPod was lower and I was more aware. It wasn't too bad, plus there was still enough people running, biking, and roller blading. It's my new favorite path to run and hopefully it will keep me motivated throughout the long winter.

I'm following the Hal Higdon Intermediate training plan with some minor adjustments to the speed work (I'm not great at it and am not sure if I can follow what he has down). With additional strength and core work, I think I can get my time down from last year's 10K. I'm also running the Thanksgiving Day Columbus Turkey Trot (5miler) with my brother. So excited about that!! We've never run together, but I'm sure my competitive streak will be in high gear!

Friday, October 2, 2009


It's amazing to me how fast you lose fitness even after being consistent for months or years. You take a few weeks off or in my case a month and half and it's all gone. I headed back to the gym yesterday and took a 30 min ab class and a spin class.

BUT I also felt awesome. I left sweaty with a giant smile on my face and a slight limp. Can't wait to go back tonight for boxing and another ab class with my favorite instructors.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009


First off--a few photos from Barcelona. It feels like it was so long ago. I had an amazing time and if I didn't have the rest of the world to explore, I would want to go back there.

our (almost) daily walk to the beach

<--Montserrat (major hiking involved)

Delicious vegan lunch @ Vegetalia

beach day in Stiges

Because we were on our feet the entire day (and most nights), I only got in one official run. :-/ I was plenty sore and tired by the time I hit the bed though, so I'm going to count the entire vacation as one giant cross training.

After coming back, I had a week of work before heading home to Ohio for a week. Always love going home to spend time with family and friends. Had a fantastic time zip lining. First time ever and after a few tries, I caught on. Will post pics of that soon. While there, I was able to get in a few bike rides AND got a chance to hear Lance Armstrong speak at the kickoff to Pelotonia. Awesome.

Late August began the month of fasting for Ramadan so most if not all workouts were shelved until late September. I've been going a bit crazy waiting to get back to the gym/running. And since school also started up, I've been lax in the workout department. BUT. I am back or will be tomorrow when my gym membership becomes unfrozen. Love the fall and I can't wait to start working on new goals. :-)

Thursday, July 30, 2009

New plans...and the start of summer for me.

I'm heading to Barcelona next week with a few girlfriends and hopefully will be able to get in a few runs while I'm there. I really do love running in other cities early in the morning. It's amazing to see it in a different light. Lots and lots of pictures will be taken, I'm sure.

I've decided not to run the Baltimore Marathon this year. It would be incredibly stupid for me to without proper training. My friend and former roommate, Erin will be running the Baltimore Half so I will instead be cheering for her in spirit. After her first half in April, she now has race fever. :-) I'm now looking for an October/November race. Nothing too big, maybe a 10K so that I can work on my speed.

Over the past few months, I've been slacking majorly with my running and spending more time with classes at my gym. Hopefully this will change. My plan right now is to run during my lunch break, about 3 times a week. Nothing long, just a quick 2 miles and then abs. At least it's something until I sign up for another race.

On a social note, I will be at All-Points West starting tomorrow. I can't wait!! Even though I'm a little sad that Beastie Boys had to cancel (get better soon MCA!), I'm psyched that Jay-Z will be the replacement. What better way for my summer to officially start?! I'm glad classes are over and I can take the time to enjoy my friends and family.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I met Olympians!!!!!!!

This past Sunday, I ran the mini 10K in Central Park. It's a women only race and was absolutely fantastic. I felt really good throughout the race and I think that has to do with all the spin classes I've been taking. All the interval training really helped me kill it on the hills. I also met Catherine "the Great" Ndereba and Magdalena Lewy Boulet afterward and that was just freaking awesome. They were ridiculously nice and encouraging about my novice running.

I'm still deciding whether or not I'll run the Baltimore Marathon. Not sure if it's something I can commit to along with grad classes, but will make a decision by July before they raise the price of entrance.

start of the race

running up Central Park West before getting into the park

my "rabbits" that I chased and made sure that they were always close until...

800 yards to go and I sprinted past them to the finish line. Woot!

Awesome :o)

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

More Magazine Half Marathon aka Erin's FIRST race eva

Ready to run!

80+ degree weather and giant blister at mile 7 does not make for a "fun" run.

Happy and thinking about future races together!