Thursday, July 30, 2009

New plans...and the start of summer for me.

I'm heading to Barcelona next week with a few girlfriends and hopefully will be able to get in a few runs while I'm there. I really do love running in other cities early in the morning. It's amazing to see it in a different light. Lots and lots of pictures will be taken, I'm sure.

I've decided not to run the Baltimore Marathon this year. It would be incredibly stupid for me to without proper training. My friend and former roommate, Erin will be running the Baltimore Half so I will instead be cheering for her in spirit. After her first half in April, she now has race fever. :-) I'm now looking for an October/November race. Nothing too big, maybe a 10K so that I can work on my speed.

Over the past few months, I've been slacking majorly with my running and spending more time with classes at my gym. Hopefully this will change. My plan right now is to run during my lunch break, about 3 times a week. Nothing long, just a quick 2 miles and then abs. At least it's something until I sign up for another race.

On a social note, I will be at All-Points West starting tomorrow. I can't wait!! Even though I'm a little sad that Beastie Boys had to cancel (get better soon MCA!), I'm psyched that Jay-Z will be the replacement. What better way for my summer to officially start?! I'm glad classes are over and I can take the time to enjoy my friends and family.

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