Wednesday, September 30, 2009


First off--a few photos from Barcelona. It feels like it was so long ago. I had an amazing time and if I didn't have the rest of the world to explore, I would want to go back there.

our (almost) daily walk to the beach

<--Montserrat (major hiking involved)

Delicious vegan lunch @ Vegetalia

beach day in Stiges

Because we were on our feet the entire day (and most nights), I only got in one official run. :-/ I was plenty sore and tired by the time I hit the bed though, so I'm going to count the entire vacation as one giant cross training.

After coming back, I had a week of work before heading home to Ohio for a week. Always love going home to spend time with family and friends. Had a fantastic time zip lining. First time ever and after a few tries, I caught on. Will post pics of that soon. While there, I was able to get in a few bike rides AND got a chance to hear Lance Armstrong speak at the kickoff to Pelotonia. Awesome.

Late August began the month of fasting for Ramadan so most if not all workouts were shelved until late September. I've been going a bit crazy waiting to get back to the gym/running. And since school also started up, I've been lax in the workout department. BUT. I am back or will be tomorrow when my gym membership becomes unfrozen. Love the fall and I can't wait to start working on new goals. :-)

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erin said...

whee! zip lining. I so want to do that. one day!

glad to see that ramadan went well & your trip to see your family was good as well!