Friday, January 8, 2010


My office sometimes has yoga classes during lunch and it's the best! It's a fantastic way to decompress during the day and I always leave feeling calm and refreshed.

The other day, our instructor had a completely different approach to class. She could see that we were all a bit stressed out and had low energy levels. We spent the entire class focusing on breathing and just being there. It's definitely hard not to let your mind wander to everything else you have to do or flashing back on the things you did that you want to change. It took so much energy for me to constantly remind myself of where I was and what it is that I wanted (and needed) to get out from this class. Near the end of it...I was there. I was present and breathing deeply.

And of course this is when there was a change up. Our instructor wanted us to look at each other and laugh. Ummm...what?! We all looked at each other sheepishly. She said "...just for one minute. That's it." She looked me in the eye and started laughing. I started to giggle and before you knew it, EVERYONE was laughing hysterically! We kept looking at each other and couldn't stop...even after the minute was up. It was such an amazing feeling. I left the class content and was so for the rest of the day. I want to laugh more often and be present in the moment for 2010.

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