Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Out of shape, but not out of it

To say that I'm upset and frustrated would be an understatement. The issue with my hip has made me so out of shape and I can feel it. Don't get me wrong, since I began physical therapy I have gotten stronger and in general am in less pain. In the beginning, I could only be on the elliptical for 15mins and now that's been increased to 30 mins with 15 mins walk on the treadmill. It's slow going and every time I see my PT, I beg for more time. She laughs at how impatient I am and tells me that it's a process and will take time. I know she's right.

Apparently there are layers and layers of problems and we have to correct each one. *UGH* Another physical therapist looked at my hips and thinks that there may not be a tear. Yay for that because I so don't want to have surgery. I'm working like crazy and following all of their advice.

Here are a few exercises that I've been doing to strengthen and stabilize my hips and pelvic:

Running Times has a great article by Mackenzie Lobby (where I got the pics above) about weak hip and the issues they cause to the rest of our bodies.

Hopefully it will pay off because...

I've signed up for a LOT of races and I'm itching to start training. ^_^

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